Exclusive manufacture of bottles, cans, jars and jars made of glass.

Discover the enormous possibilities in custom manufacturing of transparent glass containers. We turn your idea into reality by developing the technical plans, the molds and manufacturing in exclusivity.

On top of the unique design of the product (shape, texture, capacity)we can add an additional touch of customization (e. g. brand engraving)

We manufacture containers, bottles, cans and jars for sectors such as perfumery, olive oil, winemaking (cava, cider, wines, etc.), liquors (rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc.), as well as jars and jars for cosmetics, nutricosmetics, herbalism and parapharmacy.

For the manufacture of bottles, cans, jars and vases, we are flexible with minimum order quantities starting from 30,000 units onwards in most of the cases, depending on the type of packaging. For very artisanal productions, we can even consider from 1,000 units.

Exclusive only. Sale to professionals.


Oil bottles

Bottle for oil in glass

Bottles for liquor

Liquor bottle

Glass jars

Glass jar

Perfume bottles

Perfume bottle

Glass jars

Glass jar

Bottles for essences

Essence bottle