Hospitality industry

Exclusive manufacture of glassware products for hospitality.

In the hospitality, catering and pastry sector, there are many companies that require customized objects, either to cover a specific need or to enhance brand image.

We make exclusive pieces, where you can decide size, shape or finishing customization with your logo on glasses, bottles, plates, etc.

For the food sector, we have a wide variety of:

– Containers: ideal for presenting and preserving products such as cheese, chocolates, candies, sweets and sweets, cookies or muffins.
– Jars, plates, etc.
– Cakes carriers, cups for chocolates and other presentation containers focused on this sector.
– Any kind of containers for food that your business requires

Beverages and liquids:

– Glass products for wine and oil tasting (tasting cups, spitton)
– Unique bottles for wine and spirits.
– Decanters.

Our extensive catalog of glass products for hospitality includes the manufacture of table services for hospitality and catering such as:


    • Oilers, cruets and salt shakers.
    • Candy boxes and jars.
    • Bitter bottles with cap.
    • Champagne and ice – buckets.
    • Glasses of beer, champagne, cognac, gin and tonic, vermouth, wine, etc.
    • Seafood glasses.
    • Decanters, wine “porron” and wine jars.
    • Salad bowls and appetizers trays.
    • Jugs and cups + jugs sets: water, sangria, whiskey, liquors, etc.
    • Breadplates.
    • Dishes, under plates and bowls.
    • Glasses of multiple uses and formats (shots, double size, mojito, brine…)




Glass bottles

Glass bottle

Glass cheesecontainers

Glass cheesecontainers

Oil and vinegar sets

We have a great variety of blown oil containers and cruets. Handmade done, these sets’ quality and design are significantly above market standards.

Glass bowls

Glass bowl

Under glass plates

Under glass plate

Bread dishes

Bread dishes

Jars of sangria

Jars of sangria

Water jugs

Water jugs

Wine decanters

Wine decanter

Wine “porron”

Wine “porron”


We make exclusive models tailored to the client, differentiating them from the rest by the shape, texture and quality of them, blown by hand.

Wine tasting cups

Wine tasting cup

Oil tasting cups

Oil tasting cup