Decoration and interior design

Manufacture and distribution of decoration products, interior design and florists.

We collaborate closely with customers from all over the world of interior design, decoration, and florist. We also make custom and decorated pieces.

As a basic element in the world of decoration, we offer a wide catalog of vases and pieces of glass.

They are mostly pieces of small and medium size, mostly in transparent glassand are especially oriented to nurseries and florists.

Likewise, we manufacture very elaborate pieces in both transparent and colored (in black, opal, gold or ruby,etc) finishes (painted or decorated), mainly of medium or large size and focused on events and interior design.

In our catalog you can find many glass decoration objects such as:

  • Trays and bowls.
  • Centerpieces
  • Cylindrical, conical, square, oval and rectangular vases
  • Hangingpots
  • Big cups
  • Domes and covers
  • Vases with holders
  • Vases with unique and original shapes
  • Glass pots
  • Fish tanks and terrariums
  • Elevated plates
  • Candle holders and flower vases

Only sale to professionals.


Decorative pieces

We make vases focused on decoration, in various sizes and textures, and in transparent or color, both for the home, as well as events and hotels.

Square terrariums

Square terrarium

Cylindrical Terrariums

Cylindrical terrarium

Cubic terrarium

Cubic terrarium

Jars and flower vases

We have a wide variety of jars, vases, domes, cylinders, potsand containers focused on events and florists.

Glass pots

Glass pot

Terrariums cup


Unique designs

Design parts