Exclusive manufacture of glass lightning parts.

Exclusive manufacture of glass lightning parts.

We manufacture all kinds of parts manually, in blown glass for lighting and mostly as exclusives.

We design and develop lighting projects tailored to the needs of the client, as well as handcrafted reproduction of old lighting pieces for the restoration of lamps, including all kinds of surface finishes for the pieces.

The list of glass objects we manufacture for lighting includes:

  • Balls or balloons, whether transparant, matte, opalized or wavy.
  • Hanging lamps and shades, which can be blown or centrifuged.
  • Lighting bulbs for bathroom.
  • Transparent windshields with or without decoration.
  • Blown, centrifuged or pressed tulips.
  • Artisan pieces, such as appliques and lanterns; tableware and floor lamps; ceilings and plates.

And as always, with the option to customize the final object.

Exclusive only. Sale to professionals.



We manufacture countless models in transparent, decorated and matte, to illuminate all kinds of rooms.

Floor lamp bases

We design lamp bases in glass for different uses, to later attach a screen, etc.


Glass shade


Optical ball




We manufacture all kinds of spotlights for bathroom, indoor and outdoor lamps.